Emerging Media


welcome to the brave new world

Our emerging media practice helps you make sense of the brave new world without losing sight of your ROI.


Our experts are an authoritative source of new media intelligence —not only what’s hot today, but also what is on the horizon.


In a tightly-knit world defined by rapid evolution, how can your brand make a lasting impact? We can provide critical insights into the emerging technologies that make the best sense for your business. Whether you need validation or intense brainstorming on your next iPhone app or location-based service offering, our subject matter experts can help. We can provide you with advice in the context of the competitive environment and recommend the most promising solutions.

Our emerging media practice includes five core areas:

Social Media Strategies & Programming
Mobile Marketing and Websites
iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry Applications
Interactive Video
Interactive Games

Social Media
For many consumers, an engaging advertisement still powerfully influences their decision making.
But even more powerful, are the opinions they share with each other through trusted blogs and social networks. Consumers are turning to a seemingly endless source of specialized media – so much so that commonly accepted best digital practices have very short shelf lives. Yesterday’s solutions simply aren’t adequate to solve today’s problems. One thing, however, is clear—that social media is here to stay and that the user is in full control.

Whether you are a business trying to engage your audience using Twitter, or a venture looking to launch a Facebook app or a social network for teens, we can help design, build and monetize your social media offerings.

We specialize in:
Social Network Applications
Blogger Outreach Programs
Content Development and Creation
Social Media and Messaging
Social Media Monetization Strategies
Social Media Analytics


Papers, radios, TVs and computers, they’re all in your hand. The most important device right now and in the future is your phone and if your brand shines here, it shines everywhere.

As online communities and services like Facebook and MySpace continue to grow, so too does the mobile channel. Both consumers and businesses are realizing the importance of having an “always connected” relationship between friends, family, and coworkers. Going mobile has heightened that connection and given marketers a new way to be a part of the conversation.

We create mobile experiences that blend seamlessly into the digitally connected lifestyles of today’s consumer. From mobile strategy and user interface design and specifications, to development and testing, we have the capabilities, tools, and experience to not just identify opportunities via the mobile channel, but to leverage those opportunities to their fullest potential.

We specialize in developing rich experiences for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms with the following areas of focus:
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Commerce
Mobile Media Channel Planning and Placement
Social Media and Messaging
Mobile Website Development