Promote your brand to a new frontier

Through incisive market research and competitive analysis, we find the best markets in which to promote your brand.

Creative Stride provides insights and strategies to position you to dominate your market with an awareness of your competition and a clear roadmap for your brand.

Marketing Services

Creative Stride marketing professionals excel at the art and science of multichannel and multilingual marketing. The most effective campaigns marry actionable creative with planning, execution and measurement. This balance ensures that highly creative, strategic execution is not only inspirational but purposeful, moving the target to action and producing truly measurable results. The art of marketing in this manner not only defines branding that builds emotional connections with its audience, but also provides a unique framework of methodologies that link ideas with positive outcomes.

Our multichannel approach leverages numerous channels at our disposal, including the traditional brand advertising outlets, which are non-addressable, i.e., the message is delivered to whoever happens to be listening or watching, and those individuals are not identifiable. In contrast, the direct response channels speak to individual prospects. Therefore, they have an opportunity to tailor the message to each individual, prompt for responses such registration and sales events, and measure the response.

As online and offline converge, more and more channels are becoming addressable. Creative Stride through agreements with its broad range of partner advertising sites is in a position to leverage the latest technological advances to measure your marketing success within individual channels. By developing a highly creative, targeted, and measureable campaign, we enable you to exceed your marketing objectives.


As the figure on the left suggests, a delicate balance is required to combine Brand Advertising with Direct Response Marketing in order to acheive the highest conversion rates. Our methodology and expertise with analytics enables you to transcend the seemingly conflicting goals of brand-building and driving results through response channels.

Research involves uncovering incontestable truths about your brand, your market and your consumers. The following services comprise our research offering.

Qualitative Research

We help you conduct qualitative market research for any industry, including

Ethnography Focus groups One-on-one interviews Online qualitative sessions Online bulletin boards

Quantitative Research

We help you determine your audience’s needs, wants, and behaviors by investigating the whys and hows of its buying decisions.

Attitude and usage studies Purchase driver analysis Consumer needs assessment Segmentation Message testing Online shelf testing Packaging research Product line optimization Pricing research Point of Purchase Customer satisfaction research

In our view research activity requires more than data collection. It is necessary to take the information and translate it into actionable insights

Market Profiling

We document your market size, major competitors, how they are positioned. Determine the "lifecycle stage" of your market. Market profiling allows you to pinpoint a host of key business factors about your market. We can help you identify:

Growth trends in your business sector Size of you target market How your business stacks up against your competition Factors that influence buying decisions Degree of demand for your product or service

Competetiive Analysis

We provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats.

Audience Analysis and Market Segmentation

We leverage user data to identify customer motivations, goals, and attitudes, which can reveal new market segments and realize new needs. We reveal insights about potential and target audiences to help guide each strategic decision that we help you make. We understand the problems your market faces, talk to your prospects and customers, group them into "segments" that have similar problems. These activities reveal key information about your customers and prospects, including:

Their demographic profile The types of features or special services they want What they like and dislike about your product or service How they use your product or service How often they buy and how much they will pay for your product or service

We work with you to craft a consistent brand strategy that communicates your positioning and value proposition at every consumer touch point. We evoke your brand and position you with definitive traits in the mind of your prospects and customers. You will have easier time reaching, engaging, closing and retaining customers. The most powerful brands are the ones that tap into emotions. We look at the emotional benefits of your product and services and simplify them to one thing that is the very essence of what you represent.

Your brand should not only reflect your organization’s culture and values, it should capture your audience’s imagination and win their confidence in your mission. Securing their trust translates into increased customer engagement and, ultimately, greater success for your organization. As your organization’s most valuable asset, your brand must be carefully managed and protected. We help deepen your brand’s market perception. We help you conduct qualitative market research for any industry, including

Brand assessment Positioning and differentiation Naming Logo and identity design
Message development and messaging platforms Branding campaigns Brand management Federal government branding

We help get your business or organization on track with a comprehensive marketing strategy and media plan. Our marketing strategy consulting services can include:

Marketing Campaign Strategy Development Public Relations Campaign Strategy Development Media Training for Spokespersons Creative Marketing Messages Development Marketing Media Development Corporate Identity and Brand Building Services Image/Brand Consistency Guide Development
Advertising Placement Consultation Media Training for Spokespersons Federal government branding Search Engine Optimization Services Pay Per Click Campaign Design and Management Conversion Tracking & Reporting

Media planning is preceded by rigorous media strategy. Media strategy is guided by sound marketing strategy, where we will use defined target audiences, demographics, markets, and business segments to identify the ideal multi-channel strategy. Depending on budgeting realities and creative strategy, we pinpoint the ideal media mix (television, radio, Internet, new media, social media, print, out-of-home, etc.) that will best target and resonate with the desired audience, and construct a holistic media plan, taking into account desired multi-lingual requirements, which maximize our media reach and frequency.

Our buyers are consistently able to secure good media rates and prime media placement because of effective negotiation, smart bidding, tenacious follow-through, and an unparalleled familiarity with media outlets.

We are dedicated to promoting our client's interests through the creation of dynamic and impactful advertising messages informed by insightful marketing and advertising consultation. Our experience, creative depth and innovative viewpoint can contribute dramatically to promoting your products or services.

Integrated advertising Campaigns Print Advertising Design Television and Video Advertising Radio Advertising
Public Service Announcements Marketing Packages Banners and Signs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management and Web 2.0 are central to our pursuit of Digital Marketing. These, along with banner advertising and a well designed website are all primary online marketing mediums that your business can employ and benefit from.

We help you leverage Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, forums, social networking sites and wikis, enabling you to easily conduct two-way communication with your online audience. This opens up a host of effective ways for your business to interact with prospects, customers and others. From online advertising and mobile solutions to online games and beyond, we use the entire interactive spectrum to build enduring consumer relationships.

Interactive Advertising

Digital Brand Engagement Online Advertising Design and Implementation Email and Viral Marketing Campaign Design and Implentation Sales and Product Enablement Digital Media Planning and Placement

Website Design

Corporate Website Product and Service Launches Campaign Microsites Website Performance Optimization


Online Media Planning Online Media Buying Trafficking Cross-Platform Strategy Communication Optimization Performance Optimization and Growth Planning

Analytics and Strategic Services

Audience, Customer, and Ethnographic Research and Persona Development Media Research, Analysis, and Strategy Development Industry Trend Analysis and Forecasting Competitive Landscape Audit Website Performance Measurement and Analysis Search Engine Optimization User Testing and Usability Analysis ROI Analysis

Emerging platforms

Social Media and Messaging Blogger Outreach Programs Social Media Monetization Strategies Social Media Analytics Mobile Marketing Mobile Media Channel Planning and Placement

Press Kit Development

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a packet of promotional material created for the media and its representatives as well as your prospective clients, vendors, investors, and others. The purpose of a press kit is to have a centralized compendium that includes your company's history, activities, achievements and press coverage.

Press Release Consulting

Whether you are launching a new product, making a major announcement, or highlighting an innovative trade practice, a well-crafted press release can go a long way in generating publicity for your business or organization.

Developing a PR Plan

For best effect you need to determine where, when, and how you are going to proceed with your public relations efforts, hence, you need a plan.

Spokesperson Preparation

There are times when your business or organization may be asked to provide an interview for the print media or appear on air for television or radio news. These can be great opportunities for promoting your message. We help you prepare talking points that are consistent with your brand and objectives of your efforts being highlighted in the media.