rooted in technical innovation

Underneath all those ravishing user experiences lies reliable, strong technology

Our technology team builds enterprise applications for organizations ranging from the government to large corporates. Whether you need a global e-commerce platform, marketing-driven content management system, or a SCORM-based e-learning platform, we can handle it.

Unlike many agencies, we just don’t fiddle in technology. It’s in our blood. Our technology roots provide us the unique ability to bridge the gap between strategy, creativity and execution, creating a seamless dialogue between a brand and its customers. Our architects and developers have powered some of the highest volume sites and IT Platforms.

We are constantly exploring new and progressive ways to deliver business value from technology. We know the power of using right technology tools- from driving efficiencies and enabling better decision-making to improving sales and customer experience. We are the experts at rapidly defining user requirements and gaining stakeholder alignment to create the solutions that create the most value for your business. Our iterative, agile-based methodology means you get more value from your technology initiatives with less waste and in less time. Every decision we make is based on timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, usability, affordability, compatibility, longevity and extensibility.

Our IT Service Offerings

Web Design and Web Application Development Whether you are looking to upgrade your online identity or build a complex social networking platform with custom modules and databases, our team can deliver. Our systems leverage the latest advancements such as Cloud Computing to ensure that your web-based infrastructure can sustain millions of concurrent users at the lowest cost.  Our web design and web application development practice leverages industry best practices to create stunning and usable web systems.


E-Learning and Knowledge Management We create custom courseware for the government and companies in numerous industries. Manage all forms of learning: Web-based (SCORM or AICC), Instructor-led (online and classroom-based), and self-paced courses.


Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Widgets As RIAs become more and more part of the fabric of daily life, we are dedicated to finding ways of leveraging them for our clients. And we always keep the user experience in mind, building robust AJAX-based applications and widgets that are easy to use.


Content Management Systems: Drupal and Wordpress We have implemented all of the leading Content Management Systems in the market but our favorite is Drupal because it is robust and scalable. For blogs, however, we prefer to use Wordpress because of its user-friendly interface. A successful content management infrastructure dynamically aggregates content and applications to provide different types of users self-service access to the information they need.


E-Commerce Every e-commerce project is different. We work strategically, considering your company’s position in your category, your competitors, integration with retail, and multiple channels like mobile and social media. Then we customize powerful, flexible e-commerce solutions that help our clients maximize sales. Integration We offer consulting services to help you implement within your enterprise. We have created a methodology for designing and integrating with your existing systems. provides a number of solutions including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, for sales force automation and customer support solutions; Chatter, for social networking and collaboration and the platform, for custom application development. We also have extensive experience implementing Customer Portal and Partner Portal.


Web Analytics Through streamlining the reporting processes, performing competitive analysis, and understanding visitor engagement, we help you measure and improve the performance of your web analytics and marketing programs. Effectively measure your site performance with our benchmarking solutions, including defining the KPIs that are most relevant to your business, creating automated dashboards for your key metrics, utilizing competitive intelligence data and measuring visitor engagement.


Search Engine Optimizations SEO provides the highest long-term return on investment of all online marketing methods. Search engine ranking algorithms place sites that contain the most relevant, trustworthy information at the top of the search results page, where everyone looks first. Our Search Engine Optimization services help major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing understand that your website has what people want.



For Social Networks, please see the Emerging Media section.